Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Which I Have a Pet Peeve

Ok, I've got a pet peeve and I'm just gonna announce it here an now. 
You know how sometimes people will post status updates on Facebook and stuff and it'll just say something so vague and mysterious, and you have NO idea what they're talking about?  Something like "So miserable...."  And you're like "WHAT is so miserable?  Your life?  The weather?  WHAT?!"  You don't know if you should call the police cuz someone's suicidal, or just skip over it.  If you're supposed to ASK what they're talking about, or if you do if they'll be mad atcha for being nosy.  Or something like "I can't take it anymore."  What does that MEAN?  If I do nothing, are they gonna find you dead by suicide later and say "This person was clearly despondent and had posted that they couldn't take it on facebook minutes before she/he took her own life, but no one responded."  Or do you mean "I can't take IT anymore,"  "IT" being the amoxicillain the Dr. put you on but you realized you were allergic to it, so you can't take it anymore, and you're gonna switch to a z-pack? 
Or how about the ones that are saying something ugly and rude about someone, but you don't know who, (or whom, as the case may be) so you assume it's yourself.  Like "You are getting on my last nerve!"  And I'm reading thinking "Who?  ME?  I'm getting on your last nerve?  What'd I do?"  Like, who are you aiming this at and if you've really got a problem with them, why don't you just TELL THEM instead of posting mysterious, ominious-sounding status updates on social media??? 
Even ones that sound somewhat positive but are just vague get on my nerves.  Things like "I have almost achieved the most important thing in my life."  I'm like "oooookaaaay, so what the heck IS it?  And how did you accomplish it?  How am I supposed to say 'Yay you!' if I have not a clue to what you are referring?" 
So anyway, that's my pet peeve.  I think I'll go change my facebook status to "You are violating my number one pet peeve."  And just wait and see what kind of response I get!


  1. Oooh. I had to comment on this. It drives me crazy! I especially love the people that use a social media site to let the world know how mad they are at basically everyone because everyone does them or their kids so wrong and they have got to get away. How about if you can't get along with a whole town full of people maybe you're the one with the problem! And if you're NOT mad at everyone, don't go rant about it to everyone, because everyone is wondering if in fact they are the ones that you're so furious with! Makes for very weird and awkward relationships!!!

  2. I agree with you completely. I also hate when they use it for their personal agenda. And just to let you know - most of the time, they won't answer you when you do ask what is wrong. Lately I have been hiding posts people (a bible study and few family members for the most part but sadly some of the friends too) put up so I don't have to look at it more than once. I come on FB to stay in touch with people who are upbuilding, sharing their family life and wonderful pictures of children or general stuff that is going on! If a friend is having a problem, I hope they will send me a message - that is what messages are for - "private stuff". Still loving your blog. Keep it up. Oh - and too excited about Katie's news - poor Alex - he is going to be outnumbered for sure.

  3. OH boy! I know exactly what you mean Shelly! My general rule is, ignore it and play dumb until they can actually post what's going on or take away the dumb vague post. I love your blog post titles by the way :-D

  4. Mom... Could you be doing the very thing that you say you hate?? Hmmmmm.....
    IM KIDDING! (I couldn't resist!) :-))

  5. I'm not hating on anybody.... Just don't like wondering if somebody is hating on me!

  6. Agreed, sis. Make a statement or keep silent. The occasional ambiguous statement is okay, but if it's frequent, or if it's negative...Just. Don't.