Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Which I Have A Good Day (So far)

Woke up this morning early, since I finally went to bed on time last night.  The windows were open, the house was cool and filled with fresh air, and outside it was still mostly dark, both because it was early and because it was raining.  I cuddled up for warmth to my hubby's furry chest, and we snuggled and talked.  Soon we heard the babies in their room, talking to each-other in their cribs, and Weston shaking his crib like he always does to make it squeak.  We went in and were greeted by two huge smiles and baby hugs. 
All four of us cuddled up on the couch for bottle time, and soon we were joined by our 8 yr old, and also the cat.  Everyone wanted to get in on the cuddle time, except for the teenager, who's still asleep now at 11:15! 
When the babies finished their bottles, they wanted to do their favorite activites.  For Aila, this means practicing walking.  For Weston, it means harrassing the cat.  Dalton, the 8 yr old, went over to the computer to play a game, and the twins had to follow him and dance for awhile to the music of the game. 
Everyone was starting to get hungry, so I made blueberry pancakes with big fat juicy fresh blueberries.  Everyone (except me, cuz I'm sticking like glue to my no-sugar no white flour diet) ate their fill of pancakes, the babies exclaiming "MMMmmm!" With every bite. 
Hubby put the babies to bed for naptime while I cleaned up from breakfast and started making dinner for later, and my special health-food stuff.  Lemon chicken, quinoa and pearl couscous salad, red lentils with leeks.  The whole house smells like yummy food.  The cool, rainy air is still blowing in through the open windows, the babies are napping peacefully. 
Some days are just miserable and hard from start to finish.  And some days, some days are just like this.


  1. What a lovely start to your day. Hope the rest of your day is the same.

  2. Awesome! Proud of you for making the pancakes and not eating them. That's hard to do!

  3. Weather makes a big difference in our perception of the entire day. Autumn makes me appreciate life again. Deep summer is too hot, sticky and miserable to enjoy being outdoors, and winter gets oppressive...particularly here in the hardwoods where there are only naked, gray branches outside our windows.

    Congrats on sticking with the healthy stuff!

  4. Mmmm lemon chicken.., quinoa..., leeks....
    Why couldn't I have discovered your blog YESTERDAY and invited myself for dinner??