Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Which I Have An Awesome Dream

So last night I dreamt that our mortgage company decided that not only could they lower our payments (we've been trying to set this up in real life, I guess that's what brought on the dream) but that also, we didn't have to pay our mortgage at all.  And furthermore, that our house was too small to meet our needs, and they were gonna give us a bigger one.  (I know, this happens all the time and I should hold my breath!  Lol!) 
Anyway...back to the dream....  So, the mortgage company gives us a new house.  New to US, that is, it was actually an older house that some people had moved out of and left almost everything in it.  We pulled up to it in the van, and it didn't look like much of anything, just a run-down little ranch in the woods.  But I was thrilled about the woods part, and there was a huge yard, and I was thinking "Well, even though the house looks tiny and old, the outside will be really great for the kids." 
Then we went inside.  Nothing about it was brand new and shiny, all the stuff was older and a little worn.  But there was EVERYTHING THERE WE COULD POSSIBLY NEED.  We started looking around, opening doors and looking in cabinets, and there was EVERYTHING.  The kitchen had a big island in the middle, with giant old pots to cook in.  In one corner of the huge kitchen, there was a pool table, with all the stuff for playing.  I started walking down hallways and opening doors, and there were bedrooms for every one of my children, extras that I was thinking "these can be for our future grandchildren when they come to visit!"  Every bedroom had it's own bathroom.  Then there were 2 HUGE living-room type spaces.  I went in the closet to the first one, and it was filled with baby/toddler play houses and slides and big plastic toys.  I was mentally designing the babies' new playroom!  Then I found the second living space, and the closet off of it had video games and Star Wars toys.  And I was thinking "Dalton gets his own playroom!  And video games, which he's never had before!  He's gonna LOOOOVVVE this!" 
I kept walking through and found a laundry room with huge tables for folding and drawers to put things away.  The master bedroom with bathroom attached.  Then I saw the giant garage and the big wraparound front porch.  I wandered outside and found rocking chairs on the porch, an old garden that had been cultivated but left behind, that I knew I could easily keep up.  There was a fenced in area for the babies to play with a swing set inside.  Then I saw a barn in the distance. 
I walked over to the barn and went in, and there were animals, all the cutest kinds, and they ALL had just had babies.  There were baby goats and baby piglets and little chicks and ducklings and kittens.  I was feeding everything and petting them all and thinking how much fun this was all gonna be. 
Then I woke up.  Dadgummit, I didn't wanna wake up!  If only it could all be real.  Nothing fancy, nothing shiny and new or showy.  Just plenty of room, things for my kids to play with, a garden and animals and a beautiful yard.  Maybe one day, Shelly.  And until then, I always have my dreams!


  1. Awww!!! We both have variations of this dream...the older home that has all the needed STUFF in it. When I have this dream, the appliances are so old they are avocado green...but they all work!!

    Yeah, it would be nice to have a reasonable mortgage payment. You don't know how badly I want that for you!

  2. Hope the part about your reasonable mortgage payments works out. What a lovely dream.

  3. Yep, you still have your dreams. And everybody who knows you well, knows that nobody has dreams like Shelly!

  4. I'd love a large old house like that too!!! And a farm with tons of cute cuddly animals :) Love dreams like that! Ever had a dream that you were enjoying so much that you kept trying to keep it going even after you woke up? I have those all the time, then I get angry when I realize that i'm controlling it and not my subconscious! Won't it be WONDERFUL in the new system -we'll have everything we need and NO mortgage payments!! Plus all those loved ones that we can't wait to see :-D