Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Which I Let My Nutty Son Have His Own Blog

So most of you probably know by now that Dalton has his own blog.  He is just in seventh heaven, runs in from school wanting to write on it, checks it periodically for comments and to see the counter that tells him how many people have read it.  I think he thinks he's famous now.  What I really, really like about it is that the typing keeps him busy and quiet for an extended period of time!!! Thanks to everyone for reading it and leaving him comments, he's thrilled beyond words.
Other news for today:  The babies are never, ever going to get over this cold.  They keep sneezing and their little noses are so red from all the boogers!  Aila couldn't even drink her milk this morning because she couldn't breathe through her nose, so she'd take a couple of sips and then run out of breath and pull her sippy cup out of her mouth and pant for a little bit and then take a few more sips.  It was pitiful!  The good thing is, they act like they don't feel horribly badly.  They still laugh and play.  But they just spend an awful lot of time wanting to lay on me and suck their fingers, and fighting over who gets my lap, and then grinning and snuggling under their covers like they're very happy to be there when I put them in bed for a nap.  I have never seen babies who love their beds quite as much as those two.
The thing they seem to enjoy the most since they've been sick is a nice hot bath.  I've been making their baths warmer and deeper since they've been sick, and they sorta flop over in the water like they're about to swim and get their whole bodies in there...I guess the warm water feels good and the steam helps their congestion.  Tonight, our goober cat who has always, always, since he was a kitten loved the water jumped in the bath with them and played in it.  The cat was walking around in there, pawing at their bath toys, drinking a little of their bathwater (ew!) and Weston was watching his every move, grinning his head off and screaming "TIDDY!"  Aila was leaning over and laying her head on the cat and making her little "Ohhh" noise she makes when she's giving a hug.  It was all adorable except for the constant stream of boogers I was having to wipe off everyone's noses with a warm washcloth!  I'm so ready for everyone to get well, and scared to death I'm going to get it myself once they're feeling better! 


  1. aww poor babies...hope they get better soon. Benjamin read Dalton's blog and thought it was awesome, which of course is appropriate since Dalton IS awesome.

  2. Poor pitiful babies. As you described Aila's trying to drink from her bottle, it brought back so many memories of my own kids doing the same. I feel so badly for a sick baby. I hope so much that you don't get sick once they are better. Oooh boy that'd be tough! Here's hoping that all that booger wiping over the years has made your immune system like an iron wall!

  3. Dalton's awesomeness is awesomely awesome. As we are all sooo aware!

    Poor babies. They are sick, I'm sick...and I feel like they are about 10,000 miles away and I'll never get to see them again. :(

    Looking forward to breathing clearly and being able to see all of you guys SOON!!!!

  4. Poor boogery babies...hope they dry up real soon and you stay well.