Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In Which...I Don't Know, I'm Tired of Trying to Come Up With These!

Hi peeps!  It's been forever cuz I've been BUSY and also, not really doing anything interesting enough to write about.  Well, except for that I did get a job, sort of, and entered training and worked for four very long nights.  But then I found out that I was not getting PAID for said training, and that made me unhappy, and that I was gonna have to buy my own uniform, and apron, etc... and then I may or may not have a job in the longrun, because the restaurant owner had brought in 30 people all the while knowing he could only keep 10.  Also, I have, in the last 17 years since I last waited tables, become OLD and also FAT, which made waitressing waaaaaay harder than I remember it being, and it made it very difficult to walk after all the working, and I didn't love it.  So suffice it to say that now I do NOT have a job.  Well, I mean, I have lots of JOBS, but not a paying one.  But the restaurant owner was adorable to me when I went in to talk to him about this, and said to me, in his Greek accent that I love, "Growing old is natural.  Only thing not natural is having bad attitude.  You don't have this, you have great attitude!  You the sweetest woman I ever met, and I never forget it!" 
And it was killing me too, just those four days, because it was the first time I had been out and about since the babies were born, and there were SO MANY stories to tell and people to imitate, but I couldn't do it cuz that's how people lose their jobs, so I didn't. 
Now I'm back to sitting around the house, watching the twins and staring at my laundry pile.  Periodically, I fold the laundry pile, and try to put it away, but there are piles that need to go to consignment, piles that don't fit, piles that are for next season, piles that are socks without a match, piles that go in the babies room but they're asleep at the time so I can't get in there, etc.....  and as soon as I start making any headway, my daughter comes upstairs with another clean load and tosses it down, and it all begins again.  And laundry is not an interesting blog topic.  So I have found myself out of subjects! 
Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a well-rounded person (I'm still well-rounded, but that's a different story!)  I played the piano, and I went to see the symphony.  I had dinner with friends, and had conversations.  I read books, and not just the Bible reading for the week or People magazine either, sometimes I read ACTUAL books!  I learned how to analyze handwriting and how to crochet, I studied foreign languages and wrote short stories.  Now I stare at laundry piles and play with babies. 
Today, my baby son had diarrhea in the car on the way to the meeting and pooped out his diaper and all over his dress pants.  That was fun.
One of these days, I'm gonna have an interesting thought or an interesting experience, and I will write about it.  For now, I'm gonna go vegitate on the couch and watch my Tivoed episode of "The Neighbors" and stare at the laundry some more.  Good night, all!   


  1. You are crazy - we all love your blog. You are an excellent writer and this is supposed to be your on-line journal so it is about your day, what you are doing, etc. You have a great sense of humor and it makes us all feel good to know we aren't alone when it comes to "life". I for one will miss your entries. You and your babies are one of the main reasons I'm still on Facebook.

  2. who says laundry isnt interesting?! I love staring at clothes and associating memories with the different outfits. for instance, when I wore that dress I was at this place and I had a crush on that person and I acted like a retard...etc etc. But now that I have kids, and don't own but a handful of "outfits" it's more like "when I wore that sweater, I went to lunch with this mommy friend and the kids did this" and then it's "when I wore that sweater (yes the same sweater, I only wear one, it's my "thing") I went to the school..." sure not that interesting, but still entertaining. And you can always reminisce about what those crazy kids of yours were doing when they were wearing their various types of laundry. heh, ok, maybe not. But anywho, we all have been there with our blips of boring hum bug that feels like there is nothing interesting to say. Sorry the restaurant didnt work out, I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy, just keep praying about it and something will work out.