Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Which I Love Benadryl

Babies are sick for like the zillion and twelfth time, and that is only a SLIGHT exaggeration!  Lol!  It's colds this time, and they've had them for over a week.  I took them to the Dr. yesterday and she says they don't have sinus infections or anything like that, just a nasty, nasty cold.  She recommended I give them a tiny amount of Benadryl before bedtime to help them breathe and therefore sleep.  This worked WONDERFULLY!  The whole time they've been sick, they've been waking up periodically and screaming, and not taking their naps during the day, cuz they can't breathe through their nose and they can't suck their fingers if they're gonna breathe through their mouth.  So last night I gave them a nice warm bath, cleaned the crusty boogers off their little faces, slathered them in Vaseline like the Dr. told me to do since they're all dry and getting eczema and sores on their faces from all the runny noses, gave them 3/4 of a tsp of Benadryl each, just like she told me to do, snuggled them up and put them to bed.  They slept from about 7 last night till 10:30 this morning! Then they got up, ate, played a minute, and then requested to go back to bed!  And they are just not waking up from a 3 hour nap. 
In case you're wondering how they ask to go to bed, seeing as how they hardly talk at all, this is how:  They start crying and crying and crying and nothing I do or give them makes them stop.  Then I ask "Do you want to go night-night in your bed?" and they stop crying, hold out their arms for me to pick them up, and the second I do, they put their thumb (or fingers, in Weston's case) in their mouth and start sucking away, and lay their head on my shoulder.  There's no misinterpreting it!  Although, on occasion, if we have people over or something and they're feeling overloaded, they've "asked" to go to bed and then just played in their together, giggling and talking and NOT going to sleep. 
Anyway, it's been nice because I have had some time to myself today, and actually used it to clean off the dining room table, the computer desk, wash all the dishes, start some dinner, and study for the meeting.  And I found all kinds of stuff I had forgotten about lost in the piles on my computer desk!  An ultrasound, my husband's phone number list he's been searching for for like, EVER.  My old list-making notebooks from before the babies were born with lists that say things like "Check blood sugar, call in blood sugar numbers, ultrasound at 11, fetal non-stress test at 2."  Brings back a lot of scary memories from when the babies weren't out yet and I was so worried about their health and MY health and whether or not the horribleness of that pregnancy was gonna ever be over....really puts their colds into perspective!  They may have disgusting runny noses and itchy little faces, but they're gonna be fine, and they're adorable, and most of all, they're OUT OF MY BELLY!!!!  And when their little colds are really bad, I can give them 3/4 of a tsp of Benadryl which knocks them out immediately into a nice, deep sleep....Hallelujah for Benadryl! 


  1. Benedryl ROCKS for adults. For cranky toddlers it's gotta be pure gold.

    Missing the snotty little stinkers like crazy!!

  2. I have a friend who is a pediatric nurse. She used to get me rolling laughing about passing out the teddy bear Benadryl lollipops to all the cranky toddlers. I don't think they even make them anymore :(

  3. so glad that they (and you) were able to enjoy some relief and a well needed break! Benadryl is wonderful! I'm sure they were feeling sooo much better after getting caught up on their rest! Yay drugs :)